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New Issue of Al Qaeda Magazine Explains Why It's Easy to Assassinate Bush, Clinton, Sarkozy and Tony Blair (Plus: Mentions Blaze Contributor!)


As well as to create a "lethal poison."

The latest issue of al Qaeda's English-language online magazine, "Inspire," has just been released and it is brimming with 60-pages of the jihad-inciting content one would expect from an Islamist group that perpetrates mass-terror on the world stage.

In this particular edition, the magazine's "Open Source Jihad" (OSJ) section features a Q&A for aspiring jihadists seeking to assassinate U.S. and European leaders. In response, an al Qaeda "consultant" informs that presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton and former European prime ministers Tony Blair and Nicolas Sarkozy, among others, are actually easy targets.

The al-Qaeda operative explains elected officials' "weak points" and vulnerabilities, qualifying that, essentially, it is easier to kill those who have already stepped down from public office as they are especially susceptible to attack.

"For lower profile figures," a side-bar on the page reads, "assassination...is an important method as you don't have the worry of hiding your weapon."

"Brother Muslim, utilize your time well and prepare your self physically. You are the soldier the Muslim ummah [community] waits for."

MEMRI, which provides details about the content contained in Inspire, noted that the section is entitled, "I Want To Carry Out A Big Jihad Operation To Support The Religion. Guide Me."

Inspire also called on experienced doctors to "create a lethal poison" such as Anthrax, with which to tamp-out Islam's enemies. A screenshot of the page is provided by MEMRI and featured below.

The query, allegedly from an "experienced doctor" seeking advice on how he, too, can wage jihad, is told to "create a lethal poison (gaseous), manufacture anthrax, and give the mujahideen medical advice in their blogs – or you can contact us directly."


Meanwhile, in yet another question-and-answer session, a journalist is informed that his is a "useful profession to the mujahideen," as journalists' knowledge of current affairs, coupled with their "access to many areas as a media personnel," can provide al Qaeda with useful intelligence about its foes. The writer was also told that journalists are well-positioned to carry out jihadist-attacks themselves, based on their access to important people and places.

Issue "X" of Inspire also includes excerpts of an exclusive interview with American-born al-Qaeda operative Adam Gadahn, a letter by yet another American jihadi, Samir Khan, who in 2011 was killed in Yemen in a U.S. drone strike.

To make matters even stranger, Blaze contributor and CBN terrorism analyst Erick Stakelbeck discovered that one of his CBN reports from May 2012 was, eerily, quoted in this edition of Inspire.

"The terror group features my comments, along with those of other journalists, on page 9 of the new issue," Stakelbeck wrote on his blog, Stakelbeck on Terror.

Clearly, this indicates without doubt that Islamic militants abroad are keeping a watchful eye on journalists and have their finger on the pulse of how Western society views Islam.

"This shows, once again, that al Qaeda is very plugged in to how they are perceived in the West," Stakelbeck told TheBlaze in an email.

"They love the attention—even when it comes from their enemies--and are very P.R.-savvy. They also want to remain relevant in the American psyche, 11 years after 9/11."

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