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Viral Video: Deer Stuck on Ice Blown to Safety by Wind From a Helicopter



(Image: CTV screenshot)

A deer stranded in the middle of a frozen body of water in Canada was rescued in an unlikely manner this week.

The ice on Nova Scotia's Antigonish Harbor was slippery and the doe was unable to walk from it. Using the idea of it being slick, a helicopter from Nova Scotia Natural Resources came in and blew her to the shoreline.

(Image: Ian Waugh/CTV screenshot)

(Image: Ian Waugh/CTV screenshot)

Canada's CTV reported local Ian Waugh happened to look out the window after waking up and saw the stuck deer. He told CTV that he and a neighbor called the DNR and "the rest is what you saw in the video." Waugh took out his camera to capture footage of the unusual event.

CTV reported Waugh saying the DNR evaluated the situation and found the ice too thin for someone to walk out there. Waugh described the rescue technique as not what he expected when the helicopter came around but called it "elegant" and "high-tech."

(Image: Ian Waugh/CTV screenshot)

Waugh's footage has since gone viral. Here's the report including the scene from a local news station out of Michigan:

(H/T: GeekOSystem)

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