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How This Dunkin' Donuts Employee Fought Off a Robbery Is Going Viral


"I probably would have gone with 'You’ve been served!' or something, but I appreciate the brand loyalty."

(Photo: YouTube)

(Photo: YouTube)

A Dunkin' Donuts employee found herself facing a would-be robber in West Haven, Connecticut Saturday and, lacking other means to defend herself, grabbed the nearest available item: hot coffee.

According to NBC Connecticut, Angelica (she declined to give her last name) was approached by a man in the drive-through lane who asked her to make change for a $100 bill.

When she said she couldn't, the man allegedly changed tactics, said it was a robbery, and tried to force his way through the window.

Angelica explained her version of events:

"He rushed himself, tried to get out of his car.  That’s when I realized he was serious.  I tried to close the window.  He put his arm in it.  He knew not to touch, because he knew there would be fingerprints...


"I did see his coffee that I made him, so I looked at (it) quick, threw him the first one. Looked at the pots of coffee and threw the pot of coffee at him..."

Purported video shows the would-be robber reeling back after getting splashed in the face.  He soon retreats to the safety of his vehicle and zooms away, empty-handed.

Exhilarated by her victory, Angelica says she shouted a movie-worthy warning after the man.  Modifying the chain's slogan, "America Runs on Dunkin," Angelica reportedly shouted: "Go run on Dunkin!"

"I probably would have gone with 'You’ve been served!' or something," The Inquisitr writes, "but I appreciate the brand loyalty."

Here's alleged video of the attempted robbery, via Gawker:



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