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What Do You Get When You Combine a Sword and Electroshock Weapon? This Terrifying Homemade 'Taser Sword


"Double bladed sword with a taser built in."

Thanks to the Slingshot Channel on YouTube, we've seen a lot of fascinating DIY weapons (generally including rubber bands in their mechanism). But this new DIY "Taser Sword" comes from another YouTube user.

It's, as jonathanj9969 describes it, a "double bladed sword with a taser built in."

The sword looks intimidating enough on its own. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Here it is with the electrical current engaged. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

We should note that Taser is a trademarked product sold by Taser International, and the more generalized term for a device emitting such an electrical current is stun gun or electroshock weapon.

Jonathanj9969 wrote that he wrapped the handle in rubber padding and electrical tape for user safety.

And if you're wondering how the device is charged, the handle simply plugs into a wall outlet.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Learn more about the sword equipped with an electrical current in this video:

If you can handle it, here's the video of the creator having the electrical feature of the weapon tested against himself. The also show the result of what happens if you were using traditional metal blades in a battle against the electrical sword (Content Warning: Strong language):

Jonathanj9969 wrote, "Hurts a good bit but the worst is using two swords against the taser sword."

As GeekOSystem's Glen Tickle wisely put it, it's probably best not to attempt to make your own version of this weapon.

"I say that more out of concern for my own safety than yours," Tickle wrote.



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