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Bill O'Reilly Faces Off With Dem Commentator Over Spending Cuts, Fiery Showdown With Colmes: 'You Are a Hundred Percent Wrong


"This is ridiculous."

Photo Credit: Fox News

Bill O'Reilly's clash with liberal commentator Alan Colmes on Tuesday night quickly went viral. The point of contention that caused the verbal sparring match? O'Reilly claimed that Colmes couldn't name any specific examples of spending cuts that President Barack Obama has proposed.

On Wednesday, the host doubled-down in an intense exchange with Fox News political analyst Kirsten Powers, noting, again, that the president has not made specific proposals in regards to cuts.

At the beginning of the segment, it was clear that Powers came to the table ready to rebuke O'Reilly over his claims the night before. She immediately told the host that she was surprised to hear him hunkering down on his contentions about the president's spending cuts. At one point, she said, "Bill, you are a hundred percent wrong."

Powers' main point was that the president has, indeed, made budget proposals. However, O'Reilly felt Obama's suggestions haven't been as specific as what some Republicans like Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) have put on the table.

"You told Alan last night that he hasn't made any specific suggestions on Medicare -- completely untrue," Powers charged. "$400 billion dollars in cuts to federal health care spending. It's laid out there pretty clearly."

The two proceeded to go back-and-forth, as O'Reilly defended his argument with Colmes and demanded to hear a specific company's name be highlighted from the list of Obama's proposed spending cuts (a request that Powers didn't fulfill).

"Powers, you don't have one drug company mentioned," he said.

"You need to admit you're wrong about this," Powers later responded, at one point reading portions of documents highlighting the White House's stance on cuts.

After arguments abounded and the two failed to convince one another, the political analyst concluded by uttering, "This is ridiculous."

Watch the tense exchange, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)


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