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Robber Confronts 81-Year-Old Man and Demands 'Everything You Got' -- Turns Out, What He Had Was a .38-Caliber Revolver


"I didn't want to shoot him, but I had to."

As he was driving home on Sunday night, 81-year-old Florida resident James Stevens said he knew something was amiss after he realized a 2010 Kia had been following him for about 20 minutes.

Stevens wasn't about to lead the man tailing him to his Ocala, Fla. home, so he pulled over in a field. Sure enough, the Kia also stopped. In retrospect, the suspected robber would tell you he should've just kept on driving.

The quick-thinking 81-year-old then retrieved his .38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver and got out of his truck, according to Marion County Sheriff's Office reports.

Stevens told investigators that the driver of the Kia -- later identified as Lonnie Lorenza Hollingsworth Jr., 28 -- got out of the vehicle, approached him and demanded "everything you got," reports state.

"I didn't want to shoot him, but I had to. I shot him," Stevens told deputies.

According to evidence photos, it appears that Stevens fired four rounds from the six-shot revolver.

Hollingsworth was shot once in the abdomen and was lying in the grass motionless when the first deputy arrived. The deputy began performing CPR until an ambulance arrived and paramedics took over. Hollingsworth was taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center, where he remained in critical condition Monday afternoon.

Michelle Barron, a resident in the area of the shooting, called 911 and mistakenly thought Hollingsworth was dead.

"We have a dead person out here," Barron told the 911 operator. "The guy that lives across the street was parking his truck in the field and someone tried to rob him and he shot him and killed him."

Hollingsworth has had numerous run-ins with the law and was convicted in 2008 of carrying a concealed firearm and altering the serial number of a firearm. He also was charged with wearing a bulletproof vest in the commission of an attempted crime, but that charge was dropped.

Hollingsworth did not have a weapon Sunday, reports noted.

The sheriff's office is continuing to investigate the incident. No charges had been filed late Monday.


The Associated Press contributed to this report

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