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Will Obama Finally Take Responsibility for the State of Economy?


With the stock market reaching historic levels last week, the jobs report bringing the unemployment rate down to a level below where it was when the president took office amd the federal reserve announcing that Americans have recovered $16 trillion in lost wealth since the recession, moving forward, it will be very difficult for President Obama to blame any further economic interruptions on his predecessor. And, according to more than one analyst/economist, those interruptions are coming.

Furthermore, the numbers that the media and White House are touting right now seem to be largely pegged to the stock market, raising the question of who is really benefiting from this "recovery." Unemployment numbers for minorities, teens and people with bachelor degrees are still quite high.

On 'Real News' Monday the panel debated if we are in a real recovery, how much can still (with a straight-face) be blamed on Bush, and whether the worse is still to come.

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