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L.A. Weatherman Gets Punked With Fake, Very Inappropriate Name During Live Segment -- Then Breaks Down Laughing


"Hopefully there's not a 10-year-old really with that name out there... Wow."

KTLA-TV Meteorologist Henry DiCarlo got pranked badly by a viewer during his Wednesday morning shout-outs segment, resulting in an uncontrollable fit of laughter in the newsroom.

He was just wrapping up when he recognized "Hugh Janus" for turning 10-years-old. Unless Hugh has some really cruel parents, there's a good chance that person doesn't really exist. DiCarlo at first continued without realizing he had just been punked.

Morning News anchor Chris Schauble, however, immediately recognized the trick and began laughing on set.

"I'm sorry," he said between giggles. "I think it was a trick name."

The two then shared an extended period of laughter together.

"Maybe it's legit and I have a sick mind, but that's the way it came across," Schauble said.

"Hopefully there's not a 10-year-old really with that name out there," DiCarlo replied. "Wow."

Watch the segment below via KTLA-TV:

DiCarlo is apparently the same meteorologist that threw a "fit" on live TV after he ran out of time for his forecast back in December 2011, according to a previous report from TheBlaze.

Watch the "fit" below via KTLA-TV:

(H/T: Gawker)

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