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Poll: Only 10% of Israelis View Obama Favorably -- And 38% Believe He's Hostile


"He’s a friend who pats you on the shoulder. He doesn’t give you a hug.”

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Ahead of President Obama's first presidential visit to Israel next week, a new poll by the Maagar Mohot Institute and the Israeli daily Maariv claims that only 10% of Israelis view the U.S. president "favorably."

Politico relates:

President Obama has said he wants to speak directly with the Israeli people and reinforce his support for Israel during his trip there next week.

He may have some serious talking to do. A new poll of Israelis conducted by Maagar Mohot Institute and Israeli daily Maariv found that 38 percent believe he is hostile to Israel and 14 percent believe he is indifferent. Only a third think he is supportive.

In addition, Obama is facing steep unfavorable ratings in the country, the poll found. Some 32 percent said they don't like him but respect him, 19 percent view him unfavorably and 17 percent have a highly unfavorable opinion of him.

Perhaps the most daunting number for Obama in the poll: Only 10 percent view him favorably.  ​[Emphasis added]

“I don’t feel like he’s done anything special for Israel,” Oshri Biton, a 40-year-old Jerusalem merchant, recently told the Associated Press. “As president, he has to be a friend of Israel’s. But he’s a friend who pats you on the shoulder. He doesn’t give you a hug.”

The White House recently detailed President Obama's priorities for the trip on YouTube:

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