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Kansas City Mayor Did Not Expect This to Happen During His State of the City Address


"This man just got through talking about exactly what the (expletive) he ain't (expletive) did!"



A man rushed the stage as Kansas City Mayor Sly James gave his State of the City Address Tuesday, knocking down a flag and then hurling obscenities in protest of the mayor's statements.

The man was grabbed and thrown off stage by Kansas City Police Officer Marlon Buie, one of the mayor's protection officers, KCTV-TV reports.

James was talking about Kansas City's virtues and the All-Star Game in the city last year. He also cracked a joke about Raquel Welch when the boisterous man charged the stage and took the microphone.

"This man just got through talking about exactly what the (expletive) he ain't (expletive) did," the man shouted.

After Buie grabbed the suspect, he continued to yell and curse, telling the police officer to let him go. Another one of the mayor's protection officers soon came to help get the man off the stage and into a jail cell.

"Well, that was unfortunate," James said to applause.

Watch the wild video below:


James went on with his speech, immediately forgiving the man for his outburst.

"It's unfortunate that we have people who feel that somehow we have left them behind. I don't blame him for whatever feelings he wanted to express, I do have a small problem with the method," he said. "But no system is perfect, no city is perfect. We must be open to the concepts and issues and complaints."

James praised his staff's handling of the incident and sent out the following tweet Tuesday: "I am deeply grateful my security detail, Marlon and Cssey, that is now twice when my security detail has saved me from harm. #lovemesomeKCPD."

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