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Bob Beckel Explodes With Fury at CBS for Airing 'Idiotic' Communist Propaganda: 'Take That Show and Shove It!


"CBS is idiotic, they're stupid. The idea that they would put something like that on the TV..."

(Fox News)

(Fox News)

Bob Beckel, the liberal co-host of Fox News' "The Five," had some harsh words for the executives at CBS over the network's "idiotic" decision to air what some are calling communist propaganda disrespectful to Vietnam veterans.

CBS' "The Amazing Race" had its contestants travel to Hanoi, Vietnam where they learned communist anthems and were subjected to state propaganda. The contestants also traveled to Vietnam's B-52 memorial, the site of a downed U.S. B-52 bomber.

Roughly 60,000 Americans died fighting the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong in the Vietnam war.

"I am so outraged by this, I can't believe it," Beckel began. "CBS is idiotic, they're stupid. The idea that they would put something like that on the TV -- don't blame it on young producers. It had to go through somebody at the executive branch at CBS."

He went on: "If CBS can't do any better than that, to go to a memorial where Americans died, then you ought to get off the network. Take that show and shove it!"

Beckel also said CBS executives should apologize for the segment.

Watch Beckel's rant via Fox News (his comments begin at 2:45):

[fnvideo content_id= 2240811151001]

Beckel isn't the only one furious about the offensive episode of "The Amazing Race." In addition to Beckel's co-hosts, several other websites have condemned or acknowledged the controversial content included in the CBS show.

Media Research Center:

Unfortunately this singing wasn’t the only tactless task. Later in the episode, the teams were required to go to the B-52 Memorial in Hanoi. This memorial is really just a wreckage site, which gloriously displays a shot down American bomber plane. One wonders if it was shot down using the prop from another of the communists’ big propaganda moments, when Jane Fonda posed grinning on an NVA anti-aircraft gun.

Nearly 60,000 Americans died fighting the Soviet- and Chinese-backed North Vietnamese and Viet Cong. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were massacred in Southeast Asia in the wake of the U.S. withdrawal. For CBS to return to the scene and incorporate anti-American propaganda into a game is insensitive and disrespectful to all Americans who honor the lives lost in the Vietnam War.

Yahoo! TV:

However, the viewer vibe turned quickly from sad to mad when the Roadblock forced teams to watch a pro-communism song be performed and then run to another room during a five-minute intermission to search rows of political posters for the Vietnamese phrase revealed at the end of the number. Only Pam got it on take one, and it took two more performances, which one of the country blondes likened to "One Direction," for the rest of the pairs to put up the right poster. Later on, a clue was hidden at a memorial of a downed B-52 bomber from the Vietnam War. Reaction ranged from threats to quit watching to labeling it "a strange episode" and "disrespectful to Americans killed there."

Meanwhile, CBS News didn't acknowledge the potential for outrage:

"[T]he other teams were told to head to Gallery 42, where they're given a Roadblock. One member of each team had to watch a performance of a patriotic anthem, which included dancers holding up a phrase written on umbrellas. They then had five minutes to find that exact phrase in a room filled with Communist propaganda posters. Those who didn't find it in time had to watch the performance before they could search again.


The next destination was the B-52 Memorial, which was the site of the Double U-Turn. Staying true to their alliance, they U-Turn the YouTube hosts. When those two arrived, they U-Turned Chuck and Wynona, putting them even further behind.

No mention from CBS News regarding what the B-52 memorial actually is or how many Americans were killed in the conflict.


(H/T: Fox Nation)

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