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Insulted' Al Sharpton calls RNC report 'an effort to win moderate whites


The new self-critical report by the Republican Nation Committee has upset MSNBC host Al Sharpton. The report calls for a series of changes to the Republican Party from technology to tone, even to attitudes on inclusion.

Sharpton, who spends an exhausting hour each weeknight calling Republicans liars, says it's not enough...

He writes in the Huffington Post:

Last week, [RNC Chairman Reince] Priebus took his 'minority outreach' plans on the road and came to my hometown of Brooklyn. As he tried to convince the audience that his Party was going to do more to include minorities, Priebus never once indicated that their policies might shift. So there's only two things to deduct from all of this: either he and the Republican Party are trying to appear that they are reaching out to people of color in an effort to win moderate Whites, or they really think that we are naïve enough to move to a Party that does not even remotely address our concerns or fight for our interests. Either way, we should be insulted. And they should be embarrassed.


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