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‘Kapooyow! Kapooyow!’: Woman's Amazing Description of Hailstorm Goes Viral


"Man! Those jokers was big!"

Michelle Clark (KPRC-TV)

Texas was hit hard by damaging hailstorms on Tuesday, resulting in millions of dollars in damages. Houston's KPRC-TV went out into the community to assess the situation and get some good eyewitness accounts. And boy did they get the latter.

In the middle of the rather low-key report, a very animated woman stole the show, using amazing sound effects to effectively describe what it was like living through the storm.

“Man! Those jokers was big!” Brookshire resident Michelle Clark said of the hail in an interview with KPRC-TV. "Size of a quarter, doggone!” she added.

Michelle Clark (KPRC-TV)

Clark said the sounds of the storm were unlike anything she had ever heard. "It said kapooyow! Kapooyow!"

"And boy, that hail just came in…I looked out my door and it started hitting me in my head, I took off running and ran to my restroom and then I called my momma to see if she all right."

Watch the highly entertaining commentary via KPRC-TV below:

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