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Cindy Adams gives nearly intelligible endorsement of Michael Bloomberg


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is an easy target, given his readiness to throw himself into any national hot-button issue. Lately, it's gun control and his since overturned-ban on "sugary drinks" larger than 16 oz.

Enter New York Post columnist Cindy Adams...

The gossip writer has a way with words. And that way is most-easily described as "WTF did you just say?" Even so, she has what appear to be kind words for Bloomberg. In her Monday column she writes:

LISTEN, let’s everyone stop chopping Mike Bloomberg. Yes, there’s an A-1 slate of possibles vamping for his job — but the man’s an A-1 supervisor, businessman and executive. Nobody can please us all in this town. We’re fat, thin, rich, poor, panhandlers and aristocrats. We’re foreign-born, we’re third-generation Yanks. Mayor Bloomberg is the best.


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