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Woman Wakes Up to Find 8,000 Bees Swarming Around Her Truck: 'I'm Afraid to Even Open [the] Door!


"It takes 500 bees to equal the venom of a rattlesnake bite.”

(Photo: KHOU11)

(Photo: KHOU11)

A Houston woman woke up Saturday morning to find an estimated 8,000 honey bees swarming around her pick-up truck, according to KHOU 11 News.  Almost over night, it seems, they had built a massive hive under one of her tires.

Unsure of what to do, Gwen Gayden made some calls and stayed away from her car in the intervening days.

“I was afraid that the bees would attack and also, we have lots of kids in the neighborhood,” she said. “I’m afraid to even open that door!”

KHOU 11 called "the pest guru" Michael Sexton for advice, but he offered to come solve the problem himself.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen," he warned, adding: "It takes 500 bees to equal the venom of a rattlesnake bite.”

(Photo: KHOU 11)

KHOU 11 continues:

[Sexton] said the maroon color of Gayden’s pickup truck is a magnet for insects.

“If she would’ve drove off, it would’ve disturbed those bees,” explained Sexton.

Sexton geared up and moved in to round the bees up in a cardboard box.

“Once you start messing with them, they can start swarming,” he said, beginning to put the bees in the box.

Sexton gently scraped as many as he could into the box. He was able keep much of the swarm intact with their queen. A number of other bees dispersed into the air.

Gayden was extremely appreciative, adding: "I'm just happy they're gone."

Here's more on the story, via KHOU 11:



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