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The 28 Greatest Moments From an Angry NYC Protest Where Communism, Capitalism, and Crazy All Met


"We're some motherfu**ers!"

We could have probably picked the top 100 moments from the video you're about to see, but let's be honest: we all have our limits. And in fact, you might not even get through 10 of the screen shots below before you've just about had it. But trust us, like the unexplained need to stare at any incident of utter destruction, you'll want to watch.

Below is a 13-minute video taken at a protest in Brooklyn, NY, on Sunday featuring a lot of communists, a lot of angry cop-haters, a New Black Panther, and a heck of a lot of crazy all filmed by what appears to be an Occupy sympathizer. The rally-goers are upset over the death of 16-year-old Kimani Gray in early March. He was shot by police after they say he pulled a gun. But protesters have been rallying ever since and claiming it as an example of police brutality.

Such was the case on Sunday, when a group met to march near where the young man died. So far, whether you agree or not with their cries, that likely makes sense.

It's about not to.

See, what the video below captures is like nothing you've probably seen before. While at first glance it might seem like a just another protest video that devolves into fighting and chaos, it's really much richer than that. And we've grabbed the 28 best moments.

The simple explanation is that you have three main sections: 1) those claiming to be dedicated to the memory of Kimani Gray; 2) those trying to hijack it to preach about rising up (what the video's description describes as the Revolutionary Communist Party); and 3) a New Black Panther. But when the group of communists ironically shows up with a table selling communist merchandise, it doesn't sit well with the loyalists and the Panther.

You seeing how rich this is yet?

So without further ado, let's get right into it. We've numbered the best moments starting with "1" not because the first is the craziest, but because we've listed them in chronological order according to the OccupyTVNY video. The captions and notes on the screen grabs are our own. The full video will follow at the end.


1. The moment where the controversial material is first revealed. "BA," by the way, is Revolutionary Communist Party leader Bob Avakian:

2. The awkward moment where a man identified as Communist Revolutionary Party member Jamel Mims does a "mic check," yells the clause "we're some motherfu**ers," and the crowd doesn't quite know where he's going with it but half-heartedly repeats it anyway (0:17):

3. The moment where you swear Howard Stern dropped by. And the big guy to the left has a look on his face that suggests he thinks so, too (1:25):

(Howard Stern photo via Getty Images)

4. The moment the communist revolutionary keeps whispering "check" into an actual microphone while a woman in a red hat yells out the name "Kimani Graham." His last name is "Gray." Oh, and "Howard Stern" says nothing while the big fella is still trying to place him (1:35):

5. The moment where the New Black Panther Party member introduces himself and cries out "Black power!" and the camera catches some very non-black people (3:24):

6. The moment where the NBPP member calls out the communists for selling their propaganda -- and accidentally refers to "Kimani Graham" before correcting himself:

7. The moment the lady in the red hat keeps interrupting her counterpart -- and he gets really annoyed because she won't stop (3:50):

8. The moment you realize a kid is present and witnessing it all:

9. The moment where you swear the NBPP guy tells the communists that if they have their own agenda they should "take it black to your neighborhood":

10. The moment where the same guy again says "Kimani Graham" and this time doesn't correct himself. And "Howard Stern" looks genuinely confused (4:42):

11. The moment where a fight nearly breaks out in the background between one of the communists and a gentleman who later appears to be one of the organizers. The man on the left -- the perceived organizer -- can be overheard offering to talk "man-to-man" after the rally:

13. The moment you discover the lady in the red hat has poked out the lenses of those "realD 3D" glasses you get at the movie theater and is wearing them as a fashion statement (5:00):

14. The moment where the woman in the red hat, who identifies herself as Fatimah Shakur, angrily confronts one of the communists over selling communist propoganda. And he raises his hands in surrender:

15. The moment she grabs him by the throat (5:30):

16. The moment where you realize you might have just spotted the next internet meme:

17. The moment it appears a gray-haired lady predicts this story and says "don't give the media this "sh**":

18. The moment all the police can do is chuckle:

19. The moment you realize the news cameras are catching it all:

19. The moment you realize at least one of the local news stations capturing it all totally whiffed and didn't report on how tense things got (skip to about 1:50):

20. The moment you realize sometimes you just need a little music to get through a protest:

21. The moment you ask yourself,​ Who is this guy? (7:40)

22. The moment you realize the little kid in the earlier part of the video is with the woman in the red hat who has been going ballistic:

23. The moment where another one of the communists does a mic check explaining she's been threatened for trying to sell communist propaganda -- and the moment the crowd members realize it, they turn on her (8:50):

24. The moment where the communist to first appear in the video tries to convince the camera that the original Black Panthers went around and sold Mao Tse-tung's "Little Red Book":

25. The ironic moment where the same communist then explains that the reason they sell merchandise is to raise money because "you need that" to buy "whistles" and other stuff -- and then oddly claims it also "gets people out here; it gives people a way to actually be a part of a movement around the world for revolution":

26. The moment where the lady in the red hat tries to one-up the communist and says she has "a whole bunch of papers I could sell, too" and could "get rich" by doing it. But you can't really concentrate because she looks like Steve Urkel in the process (11:00):

27. The moment where the communist agitator says there's a "death sentence" on the head of every black and Latino youth. And the awkward moment the crowd turns on him when they realize he's just trying to sign people up for the "revolution":

28. The moment this guy announces the rally is officially over -- and you are in awe of what all just happened:


Now, the full video posted by OccupyTVNY [CONTENT WARNING FOR LANGUAGE]:

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