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You can be damned sure that this is not going to stop.


On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden made headlines and stoked conservative fears when he pledged that current gun control legislation was "just the beginning."  Less than 24 hours later, however, the president's supposedly non-partisan Organizing for Action group is doubling down with an email message to supporters.

Jim Messina, President Obama's former campaign chair, writes that "you can be damned sure" that the left's crusade against the 2nd Amendment isn't ending anytime soon:

Friend --

I want to make one thing absolutely clear:

We're up against a whole lot more than just opposition in Congress.

We're up against interest groups with money to burn -- organizations willing to drop every last penny they have to stop President Obama's agenda in its tracks. We're already seeing it on gun violence, and immigration reform -- they're going to spend millions to throw a wrench in the works of progress.

You can be damned sure that this is not going to stop.

Organizing for Action is going to shift the balance of power in Washington back to real people. People like you have shown over and over again that no amount of spending can stop millions of Americans calling for change.

It's going to take each of us rolling up our sleeves, getting to work, and chipping in what we can when we can.

We have our first fundraising deadline this weekend. Donate $5 or more right now to become a founding member of this organization:


This is going to be fun. If we do this right, the other side won't know what hit 'em.


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