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Don't Die a Virgin': Gas Station Sign About Terrorists and Virginity Is Turning Heads


"Terrorists are up there waiting for you."

Photo Credit: CBS/YouTube

A BP gas station in Madison, Wisconsin, has become known for posting funny quotes and statements. But a new message that focuses on terrorists and virgins is turning some heads.

Placed on an outdoor sign that locals see when they're pumping gas or simply passing by, a message warns people not to die as virgins, as there will be terrorists to fear in heaven.

The full message reads, "Don't die a virgin. Terrorists are up there waiting for you." Obviously, this is a quip based on extremists' belief that they will inherit 72 virgins in heaven if they martyr themselves for the Islamic faith.

Photo Credit: CBS/YouTube

Reaction to the snarky sign has been wide-ranging. While some find themselves offended by it, others simply think it's creative, quirky and comical.

"I live here it doesn't offend me at all," one man told CBS News. However, at least one other source said that she's seen some offense from people who view the message as being too negative toward virgins.

The controversial message isn't the work of the gas station's owner or a staff member. Instead, WISC-TV reports that it was posted by Grant Zimmerman, a man who lives next door to the establishment. He's been writing messages for the gas station sign for two years.

"When I put it up there, the store owner says, 'That stays there for three weeks,'" Zimmerman noted of the sign.

But the store owner has changed his mind following complaints from the public -- and the creative neighbor isn't happy about the change-of-heart. Zimmerman said the sign is simply funny and has voiced confusion over why some people are taking offense.

Watch the WISC-TV report for more, below:

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