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Washington Post's Eugene Robinson unsure how anyone can determine who is crazy and who isn't


Eugene Robinson, a liberal columnist for the Washington Post, has devoted several columns to calling for more gun control after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings. In his latest piece, he takes on the NRA and others who say shooting massacres are more so an issue of keeping guns away from the mentally ill and not so much about banning types of guns or limiting ammunition...

Robinson writes, emphasis added:

The NRA would say that the issue here is mental health, not firearms. But there are plenty of young men who play gory video games and harbor violent fantasies. How can you pick out the few who lose all distinction between fantasy and reality? Clearly, Nancy Lanza [mother of Sandy Hook shooter Adam] couldn’t. I don’t think anyone really can.

As it turns out, there are medically trained professionals who can pick out young men "who lose all distinction between fantasy and reality." They are widely referred to as psychiatrists. Nancy Lanza was not a psychiatrist.


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