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Without a Second to Spare: The Heart-Pounding Moment a Security Guard Saves Girl From Death by Speeding Train


Life lesson #345: Don't be caught on the tracks when there's a train coming your way.

Someone should write a book titled “Simple Advice For Staying Alive.”

No, really, it’d be full of valuable lessons like: “Don't play with gas around a campfire” and “Stay off the tracks when a train is coming your way.”

Now you may think that a book like this wouldn’t sell because there’s supposedly no need for it, but we’re here to tell you you’re wrong.

Case in point: A girl in Sao Paulo, Brazil who almost got herself killed last week after she jumped on some train tracks to allegedly rescue her cell phone -- while a train barreled down on her.

Luckily for the girl, a nearby security guard was able to haul her to safety just as the train passed. And luckily for those of us want to write a life lessons book, a nearby witness was able to capture the dramatic rescue on their camera, “giving us this short clip that's enough to make us all rethink our priorities,” as MSN puts it.

[Editor’s note: Although the terrifying rescue at the Corinthians-Itaquera Metro station happened last week, the following video has only recently started to gain some major online traffic]:


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(H/T: Business Insider). Featured image screen grab.

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