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Donald Trump Is Not Bats**t Crazy': See What Penn Jillette Has to Say About Trump, Freedom -- and Glenn Beck


"One of the joys of my life is getting along with people I shouldn't get along with."

Photo Credit: YouTube

Author, magician and all-around entertainer Penn Jillette recorded yet another video for Big Think. In it, he spoke about Donald Trump, Glenn Beck and his views on "freedom."

"Donald Trump is not bat-s**t crazy," he said in the clip's opening. "Donald Trump also does not wear a toupee."

Having addressed these issues, Jillette moved on to more serious points. Mainly, he discussed Trump's pop culture standing as a well-known and wealthy entertainer -- something he called "a good thing” for society.

"Having a guy that's flamboyant and really, really rich is a nice thing for us to ruminate on," he said, at one point likening Trump to an entertaining and likeable version of Scrooge McDuck.

After analyzing Trump's overall personality, Jillette focused on "The Apprentice" host's political views.

Photo Credit: YouTube

"I disagree with Donald's politics very, very much -- although I agree with some of them," the magician continued, noting, in particular, that he believes Trump was wrong about "the Birther stuff."

While Jillette noted that asking the Birther question was perfectly understandable, he also said that once it was answered, Trump "should have moved on."

Despite their disagreements, Jillette indicated that he has profound respect for Trump. Additionally, he told Big Think viewers that he's a big fan of associating with people with whom he disagrees.

He even mentioned radio and television host Glenn Beck as one of these personalities.

"One of the joys of my life is getting along with people I shouldn't get along with," he said. "One of the joys in my life is the rage people feel at me because I call Glenn Beck a friend."

Watch the video, below:

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