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Latest Video of Kim Jong-un Shows Him Brandishing a Handgun During Military Target Practice

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

In addition to continued threats and warning embassies within the country that they have until April 10 to remove themselves because North Korea can't guarantee their safety in the event of attack, the country has released a video of its leader showing off his own military prowess.

In the video, Kim Jong-un taps one of the soldiers engaging in target practice on the shoulder. He takes up the handgun himself appears to want to fire off a few rounds, but the video doesn't indicate if he takes any shots though.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

ITV News noted that in past videos Kim Jong-un is usually a "passive bystander," making this latest video more unusual since he is participating.

Footage also shows him circling the perfect shots on the human-shaped target, dictating instructions to his military and peering through binoculars.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the clip posted by the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph:

Also included in the footage of is the allegedly photoshopped sea-to-land vessels TheBlaze blog brought you last week.

ITV News reported that the footage in the video is claimed to have been taken at the end of last month but its timing and content cannot be verified.


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