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Who Is Better at Shooting Hoops, Glenn Beck or Obama? Here's Your Side-by-Side Comparison


"You should quit now while you're ahead."

Even after admitting he has "absolutely no skill in sports whatsoever," Glenn Beck on Wednesday set out to prove that he is better at shooting baskets than President Barack Obama.

We all remember Obama's highly embarrassing shooting performance at last week's White House Easter Egg Roll. The commander-in-chief went just 2-for-22, even missing a gimme layup. The mocking that ensued was widespread.

So, convinced that even he is better at basketball than Obama, Beck brought an actual basketball goal into his Dallas studio Wednesday and took his allotted 22 shots to see if he could outperform the president. After making three of his first five, co-host Pat Gray suggested, "You should quit now while you're ahead."

We're not saying it was pretty, but Beck did manage to go 6-for-22, which the radio show's co-host and Executive Producer Stu Burguiere pointed out is "three times as good as the president." He also made those shots while wearing a track suit.

Watch Beck shooting hoops via TheBlaze TV below:

[mlbvideo content_id= 26164879]

Beck said he doesn't care that Obama isn't good at shooting baskets. There's nothing wrong with that.  What irks Beck, he explained, is that Obama "can't admit he sucks at anything."

"He just cannot admit that he’s not the world’s greatest at everything," Beck said.

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