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Clearly Skewed': Education Company Pulls Crossword That Said Conservatism Is For 'Restricting Personal Freedoms


"Unacceptable and counter to our culture."

Image source: EAG News

Image source: EAG News

The education company that distributed a crossword puzzle worksheet that said conservatism was for "restricting personal freedoms" while liberalism was for “equality and personal freedom for everyone” said it is discontinuing the "clearly skewed" product.

Cerebellum Corporation -- the distributor of Sunburst Visual Media, which created the crossword and related materials -- said in a statement to TheBlaze Friday that it did not have any part in the "production, writing or overall creation of the materials" but apologized for the "unacceptable" content.

“Although we are careful to screen the quality of our products, we are not always able to identify the problems seen in Liberalism vs. Conservatism” Cerebellum president James Rena said. “As a company, we believe in balance. This product is clearly skewed and we find that unacceptable and counter to our culture. We sincerely apologize for this mistake and will rectify it by immediately discontinuing the product.”

Tamra Varebrook, a Republican activist in Racine, Wis., told TheBlaze on Thursday that her eighth-grade daughter showed her the crossword-style vocabulary sheet assigned to her at Union Grove Elementary School. Varebrook described the assignment as "indoctrination."

The materials and an accompanying DVD were created in 2001, Cerebellum said.



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