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Security Expert Explains the Specific Steps Police Will Take to Find Who Perpetrated Boston Bombings


"And they're doing that around the country."

Multiple bomb detonations at the Boston Marathon Monday afternoon put cities across the United States on high-alert and every resource of the federal government in action to investigate what happened and figure out who was behind the attack.

Shortly before the president's remarks on Monday, TheBlaze TV coverage turned to the 'Real News' panel with security expert Thomas Ruskin to discuss the explosions, what public safety officials are doing in Boston now, and what the investigation of this tragedy will look like in the hours and days to come.

"When something like this happens, people flee. ... Police don't know if that's an unexploded device," he explained. "So what they'll slowly do, the Explosive Detection teams...will go down the marathon route and the adjoining streets to look and evaluate any package that's left behind." That includes any bag of clothes or even a small paper bag.

"And they're doing that around the country," he added. He even said the nation's police departments (including Chicago and L.A.) are doing sweeps to make sure other bombings don't happen.

And then then there's the expectation that there will be "many more" bomb scares tonight as people will try and take advantage of the uneasiness.

Ruskin, who said he's been in charge of security for New York's marathon, also explained that for such an event police departments go through painstaking measures beforehand, even securing manhole covers.

Finally, he said the process of catching the perpetrator will include putting the explosive device back together, as the way someone has put together a bomb is a fingerprint of sorts. And he added that there are plenty of cameras in that specific area of Boston that should prove invaluable.

Watch a clip below:

​TheBlaze's Jonathon M. Seidl contributed to this report.

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