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Boston News Station: Do These Pictures Show the Second Bomb Before Explosion and a Suspicious Man?


​​Something or nothing? The FBI is looking into it.

Before (WHDH)


TheBlaze has received a curious video sequence showing a spectator from the hours leading up to the Boston Bombings that we've forwarded to the FBI. You can view that video and our thoughts here.


A local Boston news station took to the air on Tuesday with a set of pictures that it says could have clues about the second bomb to go off at the Boston Marathon -- pictures it says the FBI is looking at. Additionally, the outlet is showing pictures from a viewer suggesting odd behavior from someone in the crowd.

WHDH-TV was sent pictures from a viewer who captured the scene of the second bomb both before the explosion and after. Here's how the outlet frames them:

In the first picture you can see a bag next to a mailbox and up against a barricade along the marathon route. In the second, which we have blurred because it is very graphic, there is no sign of the bag. The viewer who took the pictures says there may be an hour or more between when the first and second pictures were taken.

Here are screen shots from the report showing the before and after:

Before (WHDH)

After (WHDH)

Still, consider that the mailbox appears untouched, which could suggest that the bag was not the bomb. Additionally, WHDH-TV admits that authorities have said they believe the bombs were in black bags (which seems to be confirmed by the first pictures released, seen in our story here), and added the bag above is clearly not black. Yet the outlet notes the FBI is still taking a look.

Another set of pictures sent to the station are questioning the reaction of a man seen with shredded clothes running from the scene of the first explosion. The man who sent them wonders if he's actually fleeing the scene:

But caution is needed. It's hard to know exactly how anyone will act when faced with unimaginable circumstances -- and even harder to say how one should. WHDH-TV talked to the man who took the pictures and he admitted the reaction of the man in the pictures could be explained as simply the result of panic.

You can watch the full news report below:

WHDH-TV 7News Boston



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