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Could American Authorities Have Done Something to Stop the Bombers' Transformation From Normal Muslim Youth to Jihadist?


The heads of the FBI and the Homeland Security Department briefed House members on the Boston Marathon bombing investigation in a closed door meeting on Tuesday amid new criticisms that the agencies missed red flags that might have prevented the attacks.

Russia had indeed warned the FBI on multiplee occasions about now deceased Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Tamerlan's name was on multiple government databases of potential terrorists, and the FBI found nothing to suggest he was an active threat after speaking to him in 2011. Authorities have still not made it clear if they know whether or not Tsarnaev was radicalized by forces overseas, or if he was a "lone wolf", who self-radicalized.

On 'Real News' Wednesday the panel was joined by Former FBI Special Agent Tim Clemente to discuss what we could have possibly done differently before the attack, and the importance of understanding what could have influenced the transformation from seemingly normal American-Muslim youth, to violent jihadist.

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