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Hannity Clashes With Liberal Guest Over Violence, Extremism in Occupy Wall Street vs. the Tea Party: 'A Party of Lying Demagogues


"Liberals like yourself. You don't speak out. You don't say anything."

Photo Credit: Fox News

Last night, television host Sean Hannity and liberal commentator Leslie Marshall faced-off over extremism inside Occupy Wall Street versus the Tea Party.

The two clashed mainly over the violence that was seen in Seattle on May Day at the hands of anarchists and the continued liberal perception that the Tea Party is comprised of extremists. Hannity was most perplexed and frustrated by assertions that some, like Sen. Harry Reid, have made about the conservative movement.

In the host's view, these same Democratic officials have showered praise upon the Occupy Movement, while seemingly not decrying the violence that has come from within it. After noting that Occupy anarchists were the ones responsible for the destruction seen in Seattle, the host asked Marshall to provide examples of Tea Party members wreaking similar havoc and violence.

"Well, I can't," she admitted, going on, instead, to provide a definition of the word "anarchy."

"But anarchy doesn't mean violence ... Most teenagers, Sean, in America, could be defined as anarchists," she continued.

Marshall's main point was that a small group of violent Occupiers shouldn't be held up as an example of the movement at large. And Hannity's contention was that the Tea Party shouldn't be labeled extremist when there is no evidence that even a small cohort has taken to the streets in violence, as most recently seen in Seattle.

The conversation proceeded, with the host also charging that the negative comments coming from liberals about the Tea Party aren't accurate. Hannity called the Democratic collective "a party of lying demagogues" and said that Marshall, among other liberals, has done little to counter the negative statements that come from the political party's leadership.

"Liberals like yourself. You don't speak out. You don't say anything," he said.

Watch the intense debate, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)


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