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MSNBC Host's Bizarre 'Open Borders' Plan: If We Let in More Muslim Immigrants, There Will Be Less Radical Islamic Terrorism


"It is Muslim poverty that's threatening our security, not our immigration system."

Touré (FILE)

America's border security is not threatening America's national security, "Muslim poverty" is, MSNBC's Touré argued on Monday.

"The Cycle" co-host proclaimed his support for the "open borders movement" in America. He claimed terrorism is fueled by extreme poverty in foreign nations and if immigrants could just come to America to work, their "anger" and "misunderstanding" towards America would be diminished because they'd have the chance to reap the economic benefits this country offers.

"The answer to our immigration issue is open borders," Touré added. "Tear down the fences. Rip up the red tape. Yep, I'm embracing the open borders movement."

"Want to build cars in China? No problem. Want to make widgets in India? Go for it,” he continued. “If it’s good for the global, corporate rich guys, why isn’t it good for the people? Especially, working-class people who want to vote with their feet and move out of corrupt, or mismanaged, or impoverished nations to go to countries that work for them?”

Citing "economists," the MSNBC co-host said opening the country's borders could possibly double the world's GDP.

Plus, if we allow more Islamic immigrants to enter the U.S., he said, it will help quell their radical anger they harbor towards Americans. He also noted that the 9/11 hijackers and Boston bombers entered the country legally.

"But open borders attacks the root cause of Muslim extremism," he explained. "Young, impoverished men in Muslim countries, men with no future are more easily radicalized. It is Muslim poverty that's threatening our security, not our immigration system. Giving these men the chance to work here could diminish their poverty, their anger and their misunderstanding of the U.S. before they are even radicalized."

So under the "open borders" plan, not only would the world's GDP double, but radical Islamic terrorism would become a thing of the past, according to Touré.

"Open borders will improve the world," he concluded.

Watch the questionable segment via MSNBC:

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