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This Hilarious Gas Station Karaoke Prank Might Make You Laugh Out Loud


"More charisma and musical talent than an episode of 'American Idol.'"

(Photo: The Tonight Show)

(Photo: The Tonight Show)

Being the victim of a prank isn't always fun.  Sometimes you walk away and do your best not to be drawn in, but other times you happily join in the laughter.

On a recent episode of "The Tonight Show," one couple was on the receiving end of a prank at the gas station, and it could not have happened to any better two people.  The husband was asked to sing a song for a free tank of gas, and not only do you get the most enthusiastic "Livin' on a Prayer" you've ever heard (as his wife dies of laughter in the car), the wife eventually hops out and sings "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" like a super star with some hilarious background notes from her husband.

MSN Now describes the hilarious way the couple, identified as Will and Monifa Sims, was approached:

We’ve all gotten used to those ubiquitous pump-topping TV screens that scream inane chatter at us while we wait for our hilariously overpriced gas to top up. But what if one of them started talking directly at you? Such is the nature of this "Tonight Show" prank, in which a talking head on a gas pump screen charmingly bantered with Will Sims. Sims took the prank in-stride (we would have screamed "Big Brother is watching!" and fled the scene) and then, with the help of his wife, Monifa, the couple dipped into some impromptu karaoke with more charisma and musical talent than an episode of "American Idol." Well played, guys! People — the best thing about the world.

Watch the entire video (and you'll want to watch the whole thing), below:

The video has gone viral on YouTube, being watched more than 1.5 million times since being uploaded on May 9.



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