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These Russian Youth Hockey Players Fight Like They're in a Prison Yard


Fun times.

Russians love their hockey. They also apparently love fighting. Even the kids.

Exhibit A: The following video shows a chaotic brawl between two youth (kids born in 2002) hockey teams from Novokuznetsk, Russia [ignore the video’s music. It’s awful]:

Among the lowlights listed by Yahoo! Sports:

  • Fifty seconds into this mess, a player from the blue team comes flying at a pile of players and does a full flip onto his head. Then, for his trouble, he gets pounded on by an opponent while he’s lifting himself off the ice.
  • At the 1:08 mark, check the middle of the screen, as a white player goes all Ralphie on Scut Farkus, as he sits on his opponent and levels him with punches to the head.
  • Twice in the video, a gang of white jersey players swarm a blue jersey player and beat the stuffing out of him like they’re in a prison yard. (OK, Gulag yard). The final time, in the clip’s final moments, is insane.
  • Finally, after nearly two minutes of unencumbered chaos … hey, look, adults! Nice to see you. Finally.

Just wait until they grow up and get sent over to the NHL. Fun times.


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