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I Will Never Forget the Sheep in the Streets of London': Beck's Scathing Rebuke of Londoners Who Stood By During Terror Attack


"Why do you think these people are so bold?  Because you have been taught to be silent!"

Image source: ITV

Image source: ITV

A brutal terrorist attack in London shocked the world this week after an off-duty soldier who served in Afghanistan was publicly beheaded in the neighborhood of Woolwich.

The murdered soldier has been identified as Lee Rigby, reportedly known as "Riggers" to his friends.  He leaves behind his wife and two-year-old son, and has been described as "larger than life," "at the heart" of his unit, "experienced and talented," and easily identifiable by the "huge smile" he always displayed, according to CNN.

Glenn Beck opened his radio program today in a state of shock at how Londoners have reacted to the brutal slaying.

Noting that world leaders have referred to the murder with words like "divisive" and "senseless violence," Beck said with disgust that calling someone a "bitter clinger" or a "Marxist" is divisive.

"Chopping someone's head off in the middle of the street is not divisive, it's a terrorist act," he said.

But what shocked him most was the reactions of those on the scene during the attack.  If they did anything at all, it seemed only to be to reach for their camera phones.

This undated image released Thursday May 23, 2013, by the British Ministry of Defence shows Lee Rigby, identified by the MOD as the serving member of the armed forces who was attacked and killed by two men in the Woolwich area of London on Wednesday. Credit: AP

"I started looking for the men in the crowd, and they were all standing there like sheep," Beck said.  "And I thought to myself, 'Nobody? Nobody?'  Then I thought, let me go back to the greatest American generation...The British citizens weren't mice, they were men!  There's no way a German would've walked in the streets in the 1940's, taken a gun or a knife to a soldier during a war, and walked in the middle of the street and said, 'Everybody film this! Everybody watch!'  There's no way that guy would've ever, ever gotten away from the scene," Beck said.

Maybe the people wouldn't have been able to save the soldier, he added, but they certainly would've apprehended the murderer -- they wouldn't be standing around taking pictures.

But Beck noted that there was one person who confronted the murderer -- a 48-year-old Christian woman, who said she was not scared because "better me [be the next victim] than a child."

"Where were the rest of the sheep?" Beck demanded to know. "Why do you think these people are so bold?  Because you have been taught to be silent!"

Beck said the scene paints a dangerous picture for the next generations, describing a world run by the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic extremists.

Describing flight 93, which crashed in a field on September 11, 2001 after the passengers stood up against the hijackers, Beck said: "I will never forget Todd Beamer's name.  I will never forget 'Let's roll.'  And I am ashamed to say I will never forget the sheep in the streets of London."

"Choose today, what the future is you want your children to live under," Beck concluded.  "Freedom -- where yes at times we can be divisive -- or death, because that is your choice," he concluded.

Watch Beck's entire monologue below:

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