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What Would You Do if You Were Sitting in the Bathroom and a Bullet Came Flying Through? See What This Guy Allegedly Did
(Source: p_morrow7 via Reddit)

What Would You Do if You Were Sitting in the Bathroom and a Bullet Came Flying Through? See What This Guy Allegedly Did

"If I had been standing it would have hit me."

Imagine you're sitting in your home, minding your own business, when your window shatters and your bookshelf just performed the duty of a bullet-proof vest.

Or consider this: You're using your toilet when all of the sudden the shampoo bottle sitting on the bathtub explodes, and when the lather settles there's a bullet hole in your wall. What would you do?

That's what allegedly happened to two separate men who took to Reddit to post pictures of their unbelievable bullet and gun stories.

The bookcase bullet

Redditor p_morrow7, who appears to live in San Francisco, said he was just sitting at his dining room table on Wednesday when he heard a few "pops" outside.

"Next thing there's a loud bang, dust everywhere and the cabinet glass shatters," he explained. "Took me a second to figure out what happened, dropped to the floor, called the cops."

Here's what it looked like:

(Source: p_morrow7 via Reddit)

(Source: p_morrow7 via Reddit)

(Source: p_morrow7 via Reddit)

According to the post, when police arrived and investigated they found, "a single shooter with a rifle about 2 blocks away, shooting down the street."

But that's not all: "A woman was hit in the back, not fatally wounded thankfully. Police said it might have been gang related, but one guy with a rifle shooting randomly down the street? Seems more like some whacko. They didn't get the guy, but apparently have his car."

The incident has been confirmed by the local media. Here's how the San Francisco Appeal described the incident:

A woman was wounded in a shooting near San Francisco’s Alamo Square on Wednesday night, police said today.

The shooting was reported at 10:13 p.m. in the 1600 block of McAllister Street, near Divisadero Street.

The 26-year-old victim was walking in the area when she was struck in the torso by a bullet fired from about a block away, according to police.

The shooter then fled in a black vehicle last seen traveling west on McAllister Street toward Broderick Street, police said.

The woman was taken to San Francisco General Hospital to be treated for her injuries, which are not considered life-threatening.

For the record, the poster -- identified on Twitter after posting the pictures there as Patrick Morrow -- says the book that stopped the bullet is "the Lonely Planet guide to South Africa."

The bathroom bullet

But the California case isn't the only botched bullet story to hit Reddit this week.

Redditor stevensquared claimed on Thursday that he was sitting on the toilet in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, when his shampoo bottle exploded.

While you might not know what you would do if that happened, stevensquared decided to post his experience to the Internet for everyone to see.

"If I had been standing it would have hit me," the title of his post says.

Here's what he says he experienced:

(Source: Reddit via stevensquared)

(Source: Reddit via stevensquared)

(Source: Reddit via stevensquared)

Apparently the police and crime scene investigators that showed up to investigate have a sense of humor, telling the poster "Looks like you dodged the bullet this time."

He also says they arrested his neighbor in the incident -- the neighbor who was allegedly a felon but had a gun and claimed to have accidentally fired it.

A local news search could not confirm this incident. And so far reports indicate the crime scene investigators will not be performing at the local comedy club this weekend.



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