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What Would Jay Carney Really Like to Have Said to Piers Morgan? This Clip Imagines It


"As you know I really enjoy lying, so it's been great to try out such blatantly false material..."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Stu Burguiere, the co-host of Glenn Beck's weekday radio program and host of TheBlaze TV's "Wonderful World of Stu," gave a comedic impersonation of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on his upcoming show Saturday night.

The clip is from an actual interview with CNN's Piers Morgan, though Carney's answers are replaced with Burguiere's.

Or, as Glenn Beck described it, "this is what happens when a liar interviews a liar."

After Morgan asks whether the week has been personally challenging for Carney, "Carney" responds: "[What a] wonderful direction for a supposed journalist on a news network to start with.  It's not like you're a British kiss a** or anything, that just kisses the a** of the administration...But in many ways [it's been] a week that I've enjoyed greatly.  As you know I really enjoy lying, so it's been great to try out such blatantly false material and watch our lackeys in the media -- like you Piers -- continue to eat it up."

The duo proceed to discuss Benghazi before Morgan asks: "Did you ever think you'd have to deal with three scandals?"

"Carney" responds: "I dismiss the premise, because it's not true that there's three scandals.  There's way more than three!  ...We have Kathleen Sebelius pressuring companies to donate funds to support ObamaCare, we've got the FBI spying on Fox News reporters -- remember Fast and Furious? ...Ah...Susan Rice is having an affair with Vladimir Putin.  Joe Biden has been out [hiding] at colleges taking up-skirt pics for an amateur porn site he's been working on.  And on the way over here, I killed a man."

Watch Morgan's "response" and the rest of the segment via TheBlaze TV, below:

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