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Atheists to Launch 1-800 Support Hotline for People Looking to Flee Their Faith


"The process of leaving religion is usually not an overnight experience..."

Photo Credit: Recovering From Religion

Individuals who are struggling to overcome drug abuse and other dependencies may turn to counselors and other resources to help them overcome their issues. And now, if you're recovering from a severe case of religious fervor, there will soon be a hotline that can help.

Atheists and secularists are preparing to launch the "Hotline Project," an effort that will assist those looking to leave their faith behind. Launched by Recovering From Religion, an organization that provides emotional support for the newly-non-religious, the Hotline Project is pledging to offer service to those in spiritual crisis 24-hours per day, seven days per week.

"The process of leaving religion is usually not an overnight experience, as many of you know," the project's website proclaims. "Recovering from Religion receives countless emails and phone calls from people seeking help on their journey away from faith."

Photo Credit: Recovering From Religion

Considering the alienation that many feel when they leave their faith, the phone line seeks to give them another place to turn. Already, Recovering From Religion offers support groups for those living in America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. In addition, courses and book studies are provided.

The 1-800 number simply adds to this dynamic.

"The Hotline will provide trained volunteers to answer a toll-free hotline and provide real time, caller-specific support to each person who contacts us, 24/7," an official description reads. "We will offer national, regional, and local resources -- a secular support network they can utilize."

In order to fund the new hotline initiative, the organization is trying to raise $30,000 before June 30th.


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