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Student Hilariously Redeems Himself After Failing With the Cymbals During the National Anthem

But then he drops one, losing his grip in a zealous crash. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

One might think that not much could go wrong for the band member charged with playing the cymbals. But for an Illinois junior high student playing the clashing instrument during a school's concert, something did go wrong, and he reacted in the only way he felt appropriate for the time.

The Eisenhower Junior High student at the school's "Red and White" concert last month dropped one cymbal as the handle appears to have broken midway through the National Anthem.

Ready to crash those cymbals. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

All is going well. He is crashing them together at just the right times. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

But then he drops one, losing his grip in a zealous crash, or perhaps the handle fell off. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The next logical thing to do is to set the remaining cymbal as quietly as possible on the floor. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

He then faces the flag and holds a salute for the rest of the song, as some of his fellow band members try to suppress laughter.

And face the flag for the rest of the song in respect. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the clip and see if his reaction isn't endearing -- or hilarious -- enough to redeem the cymbal's failure:

This story has been updated to include that the handle of the cymbal might have fallen off, making them impossible to play. 

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