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Cicada Lover' -- a song that gets played every 17 years -- has returned. (Have you heard it?)


In 1990, a budding songwriter in Chicago (who also happens to be my brother Gregg) crafted a country song to honor the 1990 arrival of the noisy insects known as cicadas. The song was played on a few local and very small radio stations and also on the weekly syndicated radio show starring Dr. Demento.

The attached video shows a very rough cut of a performance rehearsal for the 1990 song.

Fast forward to 2007 and the return of the midwest cicadas. The song was remastered and recut in a version known as "Cicada Lover 2.0" Sadly, no additional video was done for this version. We have posted the remix here - it's basically just the music - no video.

In the eastern region of the country, these bugs, also known as periodical cicadas are on a slightly different schedule. The young nymphs that are chirping and annoying people from Georgia to New England were hatched 17 years ago. They spent a little time above ground before digging themselves into the earth to spend their juvenile years underground.

If you are looking for cicadas in your area, there are even cicada tracking websites that will tip you to where the buzzing bugs can be found.

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