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Hilarious 'Lie Witness News' Stunt Proves Some Miami Heat Fans Know Very Little About Their Team


Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" crew has done it again.

Lie Witness News

Before Tuesday night's game three of the NBA finals, Kimmel sent a crew to Miami to speak with people who claimed to be Miami Heat fans. The people were asked what they thought about a litany of things that just don't exist. Things like:

  • Miami's "Peek-a-boo" zone defense
  • Back-up guard MooShu Pork and his comments to the refs
  • Spur's three-point shooter Lando Calrissian
  • Miami Heat coach Eric Estrada
  • And Lebron James' injury - a bruised vulva

Once again, the "Lie Witness News" crew proves that some people have little or no idea what they're talking about.

(H/T: Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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