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President Obama: 'I Want to Govern, Not Just Politic


BONUS: Obama praises Romneycare.

President Barack Obama during a fundraiser on Wednesday said he wish he could govern more and campaign less.

“So, my only concern is making sure that we advance the interests of the broadest number of Americans, and we leave our children a stronger, safer, more prosperous country than the one we inherited. That’s all I care about,” the president said during a campaign rally for Senate candidate Ed Markey.

“And that means I’m willing to work with anybody -- I’ll work with Republicans, Democrats, independents -- anybody who wants to make progress. I’m ready to get going. I want to work with them.

“Whenever Republicans are ready to work with me, I’m ready to work with them,” he said, pointing to the “good bipartisan" immigration bill currently being debated by the U.S. Senate.

“I want to govern, not just politic."

Elsewhere in his speech, the president praised “Romneycare,” the 2006 Massachusetts health care law put in place by former Gov. Mitt Romney.

“[I]n a nation this wealthy, nobody should have to go without affordable, accessible health care,” the president said. “They don’t have to do it in Massachusetts.”

“They shouldn’t have to do it anywhere else,” he noted, adding he needs a Democrat senator to help him implement his landmark health care overhaul ("Obamacare") in 2014.


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