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Dem Strategist Clashes With Radio Host Over Scandals, Decries 'Political Witch-Hunt Designed to Bring the President Down


"I hate to rain on your Obama-bashing parade that's going on right now."

Photo Credit: Fox News

Conservative radio host Bill Cunningham clashed with Democratic strategist Tara Dowdell during last night's episode of "Hannity." While television host Sean Hannity remained relatively quiet during the intense exchange, Cunningham and Dowdell engaged in a lively debate and discussion. Clashing over the government's recent controversies, the two parties couldn't have disagreed more about how to handle the surrounding investigations.

Photo Credit: Fox News

"I agree that it was wrong. I don't think any group should be targeted," said Dowdell of the IRS debacle.

"Here's the thing. The IRS made a mistake. They messed up, they committed wrongdoing -- we all know that," she continued. "The point is -- we need to get to the bottom of who was responsible."

But while Dowdell said she wants conservatives to stop using the scandals to score political points against Obama, Cunningham wasn't so willing to clear Obama of wrong-doing. In a resulting clash, the Democratic strategist accused the radio host of participating in a "political witch-hunt designed to bring the president down."

"I hate to rain on your Obama-bashing parade that's going on right now," said Dowdell.

"It's called telling the truth," Cunningham responded.

The clash progressed, with the two moving on to discuss government efficiency. The conservative radio host asked his ideological opponent if she believes the federal government is efficient. Rather than claiming that it definitively is, Dowdell admitted that the government isn't as streamlined as other institutions.

"I believe that government plays an important role in society," shed added, providing a caveat that mistakes are surely made on Wall Street as they are in Washington.

Watch the clash unfold, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)


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