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Guess Who Tops the Chart of Countries Making Requests for User Data


"The scariest chart you'll see all week."

Some tech companies strive for transparency when it comes to letting users know how often their country's government makes requests for their data. But such reports only gives users a look at how much the government wants/gets from just that one company.

Thanks to Reuters, you can now see the top 10 countries requesting user data from some of the largest tech companies all in one place.

Using data from Google, Microsoft, Skype and Twitter, Reuters created a chart showing the number of requests made by the governments of each company in various countries.

At more than 30,000 reported requests from the government received in 2012, the United States tops the list, showing twice as many requests than the United Kingdom at number two.

top countries requesting user data (Image: Reuters/Tumblr)

The website io9 labeled it "the scariest chart you'll see all week."

Featured image via Shutterstock.com.



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