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I'm Losing My Sh**...!': Fast Food Customer Goes Totally Ballistic Over Order Mix-Up While Standing at the Drive-Thru Window


"I want my money back, I want my money back now, and I want it fast!...There's no cheese in hamburger!"

Screen grab.

An irate customer was caught on camera angrily teaching a fast food drive-thru employee about the difference between a regular hamburger and a cheeseburger.

And now it's going viral.

“I need my money back and I want it fast,” the man shouts while standing at the fast food window apparently after driving, his car seemingly off in the distance.

He continued, vigorously explaining the subtle differences in hamburger preparation.

“Double hamburger -- is there cheese in hamburger? There’s no cheese in hamburger!” he yells. “When you have a cheeseburger you have a cheeseburger, if you have a hamburger, you have hamburger.”

“I want my money back, I want my money back now, and I want it fast!” he continues shouting.

And it appears the rest of his order was incorrect, causing him to dive even deeper into the crazy side of the pool.

“There’s not even bacon on this, there’s not onion on this — there’s not anything that I asked for. This is so incompetent. It happens every time I come here. I’m losing my sh*t because this happened the past three times I’ve come. Please, be competent! For once in your life, once!” he yells.

“Take an order, and fill it, Godda**it!”

The unnamed employee hands him an amount of cash, but it was apparently not enough.

“I paid more than this! I want 10 bucks! You go**amn sons of bi**hes!” he shouts before storming off.

Well then. Tell us how you really feel [content warning: strong language]:

It's unclear where the outburst happened or when, but so far other outlets have said it happened at a Wendy's.

FINAL THOUGHT -- The Consumerist offers a helpful reminder for anyone who thinks they’ve been shafted in a business transaction: "Being calm, reasonable and polite will get you a lot farther in life, and likely won’t result in a video of you acting like a total butthead going viral on the Interwebs.”


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