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You People Are Disgusting': This 'NSA Agent' Is Sick of Reading Your Emails


"Incapable of spelling even the simplest of words."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

With the news that the NSA has been collecting information on the phone calls and Internet communication of all Americans, TheBlaze TV's comedy show "The B.S. of A." aired a parody skit of a conversation with "NSA agent" Operative Ned Dossen.

"Speaking of inviting you, I hadn't even pressed 'send' on the email yet," host Brian Sack told Dossen, played by TheBlaze's Matt Fisher.

"No need, no need," Dossen replied dismissively.  "Of all the Orwellian bureaucracies, I like to think we give taxpayers the best bang for their buck."

Dossen described his job as "reading the email," saying he's read every email anyone has sent or received since 2010.

When host Brian Sack asked if people should be worried about their constitutional rights, Dossen said there's no need.

People should, however, be worried about how "disgusting" and "dumb" their compatriots are, many of whom are "incapable of spelling even the simplest of words," he added.

"And if I may just speak to your viewers for a second...America: please stop writing emails to your friends about the most recent episode of 'Homeland,'" he continued.  "Because first, it keeps setting off the terrorism alarms and second, the emails are just filled with spoilers, okay? Please be considerate of my needs once in a while."

Watch the entire skit via TheBlaze TV, below:

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