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Sen. Sessions Reveals Big Downside of Impending Immigration Bill: It Will 'Hammer' Wages for Next 12 Years


Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) while speaking on the Senate floor this week warned of possible long-term fiscal and economic repercussions from the Gang of Eight immigration bill.

The senator cited the Congressional Budget Office's new estimate of the bill.

"This legislation," he said, "if it were to pass, the wages of American workers will fall for the next 12 years. They will be lower than inflation rates."

"This [bill] is supposed to be good for the people we represent?” Sen. Sessions asked. “This will add to [our] problems, this report says, quite clearly—unequivocally. It's going to increase unemployment and it's going to pull down wages.”

“That is exactly the wrong thing that ought to be happening at this time. How in the world can we justify passing a bill that hammers the American working man and woman that's out trying to feed a family?" he added.

And these aren't just claims from the Alabama senator. Indeed, here's what the CBO itself had to say:

Taking into account all of [the] flows of new immigrants, CBO and JCT expect that a greater number of immigrants with lower skills than with higher skills would be added to the workforce, slightly pushing down the average wage for the labor force as a whole... However, CBO and JCT expect that currently unauthorized workers who would obtain legal status under S. 744 would see an increase in their average wages... [An] increase in the average wage would not occur for a dozen years.

Watch the senator warn of the long-term economic impact the immigration bill may have on the country:


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