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When Will Criminals Learn to Stop Breaking Into Homes in Texas? Not Today


"The reason I bought my gun is because I hear about things like this."

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A Houston man opened fire on an intruder who attempted to break into his home early Thursday morning. The homeowner fired four shots and two connected with their target.

The suspect, who didn't get close to carrying out whatever plot he had in mind, reportedly attempted to break in through the back door. He was later taken to the hospital. The homeowner was not injured.

Police say the homeowner is not facing any charges as it appears to be an obvious case of self-defense. However, a stray bullet did reportedly enter a nearby home, startling a 14-year-old girl so badly that she suffered a seizure.

Even with the unfortunate collateral damage, KTRK-TV reports that neighbors still support the actions of the homeowner to defend himself.

"The reason I bought my gun is because I hear about things like this," said John Antell. He said he is glad the homeowner is OK, but isn't happy about people breaking into homes in the area.

"It's something very serious," Antell added. "It could happen to me tomorrow."

The suspect who was shot by the Houston homeowner is expected to survive.



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