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Find Out Why Rush Limbaugh Believes President Obama Has Been 'Profoundly Successful


'There's no doubt about what Obama's agenda is."

Despite the struggling U.S. economy, high unemployment and troubled foreign relations, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh claims President Barack Obama has been "profoundly successful" with his agenda.

Let's let Limbaugh explain in his own words:

"Russian president Vladimir Putin, is telling us that he will not extradite Edward Snowden, that Snowden's in Moscow and he's free to fly wherever he wants. There have been conflicting stories coming out of Russia. Snowden is there; Snowden isn't there. And again, I had people yesterday say, 'Boy, don't you just love the way Putin and the ChiComs are just handing it to Obama?'

I said, 'You guys are totally misunderstanding.' Yeah, Putin may look like he's embarrassing Obama, but this is exactly what Obama wants-- Obama is reveling in the idea here of a deflated, declining superpower status…Obama's not taking this personally, that Putin is doing whatever he's doing.


All it means to Obama is that the United States isn't as feared nor is it as respected. In Hong Kong they wouldn't extradite Snowden. I'm telling you, this is right up Obama's alley, to preside over the decline of the superpower once known as the United States. Look, there isn't any doubt about this any more. There's no doubt about what Obama's agenda is. There's no doubt about what his plans for transforming the country are, and there's no doubt that he's just profoundly successful with all this."

In other words, Limbaugh claims Obama is happy to watch the decline of the U.S. because that's been his agenda from the start.

Watch the clip via the Daily Rushbo:

"There's no doubt about this now," Limbaugh concluded. "Anybody out there, including low-information voters, who think that Obama's trying to accomplish the opposite of what's happening are just, I think, hopelessly irretrievable. If anybody really believes Obama's trying to spur and grow this economy, create a growing private sector with growing private sector jobs, they're hopeless."


(H/T: Fox Nation)


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