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Shut the Fu** Up!': Woman Freaks Out in Front of Her Child While Being Arrested on Fla. Flight for Refusing to Hang Up Her Phone


"Kicked one deputy in the groin, elbowed another deputy in the face and scratched at least two other deputies in the incident."

(Photo: Broward's County Sheriff's Office)

(Photo: Broward's County Sheriff's Office)

A woman identified as Lindsay Bien-aime was forcibly removed from a US Airways flight by multiple police officers after she apparently refused to stop talking on her cell phone, and then became extremely unruly.

According to WBTV, the pilot was forced to return the plane to the gate because of Bien-Aime's antics, and deputies were called around 6:36 a.m. on the flight from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Charlotte, N.C.

Now, eyewitness video has surfaced from the incident, showing the woman greeting the police officers and fellow travelers with repeated use of the phrase "shut the fu** up!"

"I'm not going anywhere!  This is bull****," she can be heard saying, possibly calling one woman who may have been trying to calm her a "botox bi***."

Reports indicate Bien-aime was traveling with her son.  She was also recorded saying: "He knows that I cuss.  People cuss in the world.  He knows the real world.  It's okay.  It's okay, don't hide your children from the world.  It's okay.  People get arrested, people get arrested, people do sh**.  So what's your problem?"

The child was placed in the custody of his father after Bien-aime's arrest.

Police officers attempted to arrest the woman after it became clear she would not remove herself from the plane as requested.  But as anyone who has flown in the last decade knows, there is extremely limited mobility in the cabin.  It took roughly two minutes for the officers to get control of the situation.

WBTV, which obtained a copy of the Broward County Sheriff's report, wrote that Bien-aime "kicked one deputy in the groin, elbowed another deputy in the face and scratched at least two other deputies in the incident."

The report adds: "Bien-aime continued [to] kick, scratch, yell racial profanities, while being escorted off the plane and being taken to the police car."

See eyewitness video of the entire incident posted on YouTube, below [content warning]:

Bien-aime faces several charges, among them including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest with violence and two counts of assault on a law enforcement official.

According to WBTV, the plane arrived in Charlotte only 25 minutes late.



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