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Gay Men's Chorus Praises Same-Sex Marriage Rulings With Rendition of National Anthem in Front of the Supreme Court


"And I could not not put down my sword when Justice was my right."

Photo Credit: Georgetown Patch

The Supreme Court's gay marriage rulings captivated headlines this morning -- and following the contentious decisions, in a show of celebration, the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington performed the national anthem in front of the high court.

As the men sang "The Star Spangled Banner," the crowd cheered. The song, which is arguably well-performed regardless of where one stands on the contentious social issue, was clearly an attempt to honor the affirmation of gays' and lesbians' marriage rights.

Photo Credit: Georgetown Patch

Watch the performance, below:

In addition to the national anthem, the group sang other tunes as well, including one entitled, "Make them Hear You."

"And say to those who blame us for the way we chose to fight, that sometimes there are battles which are more than black and white," went a portion of the lyrics." "And I could not not put down my sword when justice was my right. Make them hear you, make them hear you."

Watch video of this performance, below:

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