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Horses Toss Riders and Go on to (Technically) Win Their Races


"Greatest day in the horses liberation movement."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

In two instances this week, race horse have shown they will stop at nothing to get to the finish line first -- and/or to get the jockey off their back, quite literally.

At Belmont Park in New York and the Hollywood Casino's Charles Town Race Track in West Virginia, two horses tossed their riders and made it to the finish line first. Both horses were confused as to why they didn't take home the first place title.

Wednesday has been called the "greatest day in the horses liberation movement" by Deadspin.

At Belmont, the horse named Downtown Hottie technically was listed as having not finished the race, being disqualified for not having a rider the whole time.

horse toss rider Here you can see the jockey falling off. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

horse toss rider Downtown Hottie out in the lead. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the footage:

But, "we all know who the real winner is, and her achievement is a beacon light of hope for every mare and filly who dreams of self-determination," Deadspin's Timothy Burke wrote light-heartedly.

That same day another horse -- name unknown -- shed its rider right out of the gates as well.

horse toss rider (Image: YouTube screenshot)

horse toss rider (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Here's the clip:

(H/T: Yahoo! Sports)



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