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Was Obama a 'Bigot 14 Months Ago?': Ralph Reed Confronts Rachel Maddow, Rips Liberal Hypocrisy Over Who Is Labeled Anti-Gay


"Nobody's calling anybody a bigot."

(Credit: Newsbusters)

Ralph Reed, founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, turned the tables on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, pointing out the hypocrisy liberals employ when deciding who is labeled anti-gay, specifically surrounding the same-sex marriage/traditional marriage debate on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday.

(Credit: Newsbusters)

After Maddow claimed that "you guys" (i.e., supporters of traditional marriage) are "arguing in favor of discrimination," Reed calmly ran down a list of liberal politicians who supported the Defense of Marriage Act, including its originator, former President Bill Clinton, and added that President Barack Obama only recently switched his views on gay marriage.

"Was he a bigot 14 months ago?" Reed asked Maddow regarding Obama's previous views, implying how difficult it would be for her to characterize other Democratic DOMA supporters such as Joe Biden and Harry Reid as "intolerant and motivated by an animus and a hatred for gays."

RALPH REED: ...this suggestion that because somebody wants to affirm the institution of marriage that they're ipso facto intolerant? By that argument, Barack Obama was intolerant 14 months ago. By that argument, 342 members of the House, 85 members of the Senate, including, by the way, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Pat Leahy, who all voted for this law, and Bill Clinton who signed it into law, were intolerant and motivated by an animus and a hatred for gays.

RACHEL MADDOW: They've all changed their mind on it. All of them.

RALPH REED: But...Obama was 14 months ago. Was he a bigot 14 months ago?

RACHEL MADDOW: Nobody's calling anybody a bigot.

Check out the video of the exchange here:

(H/T: Newsbusters)



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